What to Expect When You Become a Mom Blogger

It feels crazy to me when I go to Blogger events and realize I am a senior citizen of blogging.  I remember meeting other newbies at my first event and being in awe of bloggers I read daily.  Well flash forward 2 years and many of them are my friends. I am a senior citizen, no longer a newbie.

So you may be wondering what to expect when you become a mom blogger?

Kids at Olly Shoes Opening

I get to go to openings and blogger events. The kids especially love when they get to go.

Chevy Cupcakes at MKTravelExpo

Brand interaction.  At the MKTravelExpo, Chevy gave us yummy cupcakes and the opportunity to sign up for test drives during a break better speakers.  Even if you are new or shy, you can always walk up and tell the pr rep how good the cupcakes are to get the conversation started.

Great Food at MKTravelExpo

Good Eats-I went through a phase and it keeps coming back where I take pictures of my food.  This food in particular was very good and I wanted to copy the idea of chicken on skewers, rice and pita and hummus for a party I was having.

Mysterious Brown Box

Mysterious boxes show up several times a day from UPS, FEDEX and your mailman.

Photo Ops

Meeting Famous Friends and Bloggy Friends

me, Bill Henley, and Jen from Sisterly Savings at the 10! Show

Stay tuned for part 2 in this series….

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