Top Ten Ways to Not Go Crazy On a Snow Day

Snow days.  Here is Pennsylvania the kids have been getting tons of them.  Being a nurse, I typically don’t get any.  So when the opportunity presented itself for me to leave at noon today I took it.  18 years ago I learned to drive in snow. And 15 years ago was pretty much the last time we had bad snow to use my skills.  Today I strapped the kids in for the ride home, 2 miles across town.  UP and DOWN hills we slid.  I found it calming to turn the radio off and navigate the whole trip.  My 10 year old looked at me, with big eyes, “why are you teaching us how to drive in snow”?  I came home and decided to do some things to insure my sanity until they outwit, outlast and outplay me and I fall asleep before them  tonight or until daybreak tomorrow.  So here are my Top 10 ways to not go crazy on a snow day.

1. Give the kids something to do-First I let them pick something to watch on Netflix.  This might entertain them for 90 minutes tops.

2. Occupy yourself.  I decided to go try and shovel.  When the weather man predicts 2-10 inches of snow, you will get nothing of 15 inches.  I shoveled the walk from the front door to the driveway.  My neck, my back, my booty and my crack hurt and my milkshake did not bring the boys to the yard, or I would have had them shovel.  I took some ibprofen and sat down with the heating pad.

3. Re occupy yourself.  My first baby, my long neglected blog.  I have had so much inspiration to write lately.  Its like exercise, you can stop doing it and go back to it and it feels so good after you’ve done it.

4. Feed the kids.  Now the kids ate at their grandparents before I picked them up but they need a snack and fancy drinks.  They didn’t shovel so hot chocolate didn’t satisfy the so I whipped up some Shirley Temples.

5. Give the kids something else to do.  We organize via a bin system.  I dump a bin and make them go through it to give stuff away.  To them, this means finding more toys with small pieces for them to play with and decide to keep every single piece the find.

6. Do laundry-because this can always be done.

7. Look at Pinterest.  Realize you are hungry because the last thing you ate was half a stale bagel at 5am when you left the dogs out.

8. Throw some frozen dump chicken into the crock pot on high, because Pinterest made you hungry and  you used your meal planning skills months ago and  have some Zaycon chicken still in the freezer.  At 8pm tonight during your favorite tv shows you can have shredded chicken quesadillas.

9. Bake-because you are starving you are both justified in eating raw brownie batter and also immune from the impending Salmonella.

10.  Snuggle up.  Finally the kids calm down, your belly is full and your feet have defrosted.